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Best Little Nightclub In America





THE STAFF AND MANAGEMENT PRIDE THEMSELVES ON MAKING OUR CUSTOMERS HAVE THE MOST FUN YOU COULD POSSIBLEY HAVE WHILE @ CAPONES.......From the hottest shot girls on the planet, to the sexiest bartenders in south florida to the best drink special ever 3 for 1 drinks. Capones Has LEAD THE WAY in nightlife entertainment, teaching the big clubs how to do it, just plain old fashion hard work and a crazy promotional campaign we literally knock on every door in South Florida and personally invite you to be a part of the wild events that we throw, Capones owners stay crisp on the music, the design and





the products. We love to host charity events and always remember to say thank you to all our guest at the end of the night. never a cover and friendly doorstaff make Capones a place where people feel comfortable  doin there own thing and party like a rockstar, with the addition of our new V.I.P. AND THE A BIG VARIETY OF CRAFT BEERS in the lounge Capones is doin it big in the market.look for lots of special guest djs bringing the party to a fever pitch every 5 days a week til 4am and plenty of outdoor seating, downtown comes alive at CAPONES can't wait to see your there

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